Die Ballade der Rechtschaffenheit

Sonja and Bernd meet on the Olympic mountain in Munich. While Sonja would just like to be left alone, Bernd confronts her with a secret. A musical battle begins, that only can  be decided through songs. A Hommage to Berthold-Brecht.

7 min., 16:9, DV
Cast: Ingrid Schölderle, Kevin Steininger

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Drei Paar Schuhe

The neurotic dentist Leonie gets into a relationship of dependence with her cleaning lady Elena. While Elena makes advances to Leonie, she plans to rob her together with her boyfriend…

45 min., 16:9, DigiBeta;
Cast: Corinna Beilharz, Darya Onyshenko

(Portmanteau film with other directors)


Odi et Amo

Peter is 18 and leaves the orphanage and his former life behind. In search of his mother, he discovers her in a brothel. Escaping her notice, she takes him to her room. They both find themselves in a borderline situation, which both can’t handle.

11 min., 4:3, b/w, 16mm
Cast: Tobias Retzlaff, Verena Buratti

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Eine Geschichte aus zwei Dörfern

Fate has meant it evil with the South Tyrolean mountain village Platt: There have been many months in the year virtually no sun, but always the neighboring village Stulles at eye level, perched on the opposite slope of the valley. A short movie about the village without the sun.

5 min., 1:1,85, DV
Cast: Anna Oberhollenzer, Markus M. Pamer

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