Philipp J. Pamer

My name is Philipp J. Pamer and I’m a writer and director. I grew up in a little town in the south tyrolean mountains in Italy. There I shot my first films starting at the age of 13. Following my passion for movie making I moved to Germany, where I studied at the Munich Film School HFF. Winning international awards for my short films, I accomplished the film school with the full length feature film Bergblut (The Holy Land of Tyrol). Since receiving international recognition for my thesis movie, I have continued to work on anything related to film-making (writing screenplays, working as dramatic advisor, directing short-works and music videos, etc.). Please feel free to have a look at the work in my portfolio.


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The name Remulus refers to Romulus and Remus, the two brothers who founded Rome after been raised up by a wolf. Remulus Film was created 2010 by Philipp J. Pamer and his brother Konrad in Munich. The production company is dedicated to create period pieces, drama and mystery films. The production portfolio is focused on international co-productions shot in Italy, Austria and Germany.