VR Wiesn 360

VR WIESN is intended to turn the Munich Oktoberfest’s culture, tradition and zeitgeist into a virtual event, no matter where you are in the world. The actress Christina Schmideder, who can be recognized by her hat with the beautiful feather, is our VR guide Chrissi. VR WIESN 360!

crew united | festival for electronic 


Grautag tells about a day where nothing seems to work out, a day one would rather skip. Lucy van Kuhl is a german singer-songwriter cum piano-cabaret artist.

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Die Verfolgten

In Tyrol between 1792 and 1837 a man lives and works who draws attention to himself with a special talent. A great challenge for the protagonist as well as for the secular and ecclesiastical authorities.

15 min, 1:1:85, Full HD




The video clip Huamkemmen was composed and performed by the South Tyrolean Reggae band Vino Rosso. It is dedicated to all south tyroleans, who live outside their country.

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Mauersegler is following the story of four boys an their days. The song was composed by the German Hip-Hop Band Sprachgewaltig in cooperation with Damion Lee und Muggi Jun.

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